Mission Hills Centreville is situated within the world’s largest golf and resort facility – Mission Hills Resort, a National 5A-Level Tourist Attraction. With its strategic location along the Shenzhen’s central axis for future developments and within a one-hour drive from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, this mega project enjoys easy access to Meiguan, Jihe and Guangshen Expressways, drastically reducing the travel time between Mission Hills Centreville and downtown Shenzhen, Dongguan and Hong Kong.

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It takes:

  • 25-minute drive to Futian CBD
  • 35-minute drive to Nanshan via Meiguan Expressway, Nanping Expressway and Beihuan Boulevard
  • 30-minute drive to Luohu via Meiguan Expressway and Beihuan Boulevard
  • 35-minute drive to Longgang via Meiguan and Jihe Expressways

Transportation Services

Airport: 35-minute drive to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport

By car: 15-minute drive to downtown Shenzhen via Meiguan Expressway 35-minute drive to Huanggang border via Meiguan Expressway

Subway: Approximately 2km away from Guanlan Center Station – a new station planned as an extension from the Shenzhen Metro Line 4; provision is also made to connect Mission Hills Centerville with the Dongguan metro system Line R1.

Public Transport: The project enjoys easy access to public transport networks in the neighborhood; with over 20 public transport lines connecting Guanlan with major districts/areas in Shenzhen.

Shuttle Buses: Shuttle service is currently provided between Mission Hills resorts and Huanggang border at 30-min intervals and a journey time of 35-min. Shuttle service will also be provided upon opening of Mission Hills Centreville.

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